Beast is an enigma, a puzzling machine that leaves onlookers scratching their heads trying to  figure‚Äč out exactly what it's for. Beast is designed to seek out Bigfoot, or the North American Sasquatch. This elusive creature lives in just about every corner of our world, and yes, he is the hide and seek champion of all time! David tells of a possible encounter in his early teens when his memory was apparently blocked by a terrifying experience. Receiving a new shotgun and hunting gear for Christmas, he took to the woods behind his home almost daily, hunting small game. Enamored by UFO's from an early age. David was distracted by the increasing stories of a monster in the woods, Momo in Missouri, and the other terrifying tales of huge creatures intrigued him and he read all of the reports he could get his hands on. Holding a .20 gauge shotgun emboldened him to even see if there might be one in his woods. Then came the aforementioned mental block, where David shied from investigating Bigfoot and hunting in general, for some unknown reason. Instead he developed a deep-seated fear of the creatures and the woods too. Fast forward about thirty years, when at a local gathering of paranormal enthusiast, he heard of a Bigfoot being sighted on the Hobbs farm. It struck him like a ton of bricks, the Hobbs farm stretched into the property he had hunted on so long ago. Many now speculate he had an encounter with the creature, and his young mind had blocked the memory of the extreme fear he felt. That is very common in Children to do so. David is once again highly intrigued by the masters of the forest; but wants to investigate their world from the relative safety of his 4WD vehicle.  (still chicken!)

Watch here for an upcoming very long list and demonstration of Beast's night-time abilities. I am afraid Bigfoot has met his match! David invites you to watch for him at paranormal events and car shows to see up close, this incredible machine!

"Bigfoot, I'm going to catch you off guard, and
when I do, I'm going to make you a star!"
The Highwayman