So glad you stopped by to check out my new site! Please take your time and explore and read. Everything is pretty basic right now but will explode once I am in the road.  This blog will be where I can give my thoughts on my journey, and even opinions on the state of the paranormal in general. This site is your main link to follow along with me and affords me a place to share what I experience with you. Not only the paranormal, but anything I think you might find interesting along the way, be it quirky, historic or great Americana. You will meet so many new people. The eccentrics, the pioneers, the preservation generation.Today's highways have lost much of the charm and friendliness of the days past, but tales of the unknown still abound on all the strips of pavement. I will seek out those places, and see if I can experience and record them to share with you. It is my hope that eventually you can join me here on the road, and we can see more of our great country!

Welcome Paranormal People!

   Look forward to talking with you here. Submit topics for me to discuss, paranormal or travel rel‚Äčated only please.

Meet the Gigglin' Ghost!

My Co-Pilot:
In Travels, Investigations,
and Life!

I wil be joined in my ParaJourney by my beautiful lady, Christine Parsons, universally known by the nickname "Gigglin' Ghost." A very capable investigator herself, Christine joined me to share investigation co-host and caretaker duties during my time at the very haunted Ashmore Estates. (2014-2017) Then, we were apart for five years due to me not realizing the love I had found, and I pushed her away. Now, I have wised up at last, and she has agreed on a second chance for me! Her kind heart, compassion, and powerful empathic gift add a whole new dimension to my research and travels, and stability to my chaotic life. Her spot in the coveted co-pilot seat in BlackBird is cemented. I want everyone to meet this amazing, happy soul, and let her touch your life and attitude too.