Audio Evidence: Types and Discussions

Audio Evidence. There is something about audio evidence that stirs the soul. Most investigators consider it the most important type they capture. There is a very real feel to actually hearing the voices of the dead, yet there is much debate about how they are generated and from where. We know there are three basic types of audio capture:

EVP:  Electronic Voice Phenomena. Voices or sounds not heard during recording, but heard on play back AVP: Audible Voice Phenomena, Voices or sounds heard by the investigator at the time of recording, unaided by any device
FVP: Frequency Voice Phenomena: Voices or sounds heard thru use of a device that receives radio wave frequencies thru scanning, or thru any device that uses database of sound or word technology.  

 Many, many methods of capturing supposed voices and actions of the dead these days and all have their devotees. The method used is entirely up to you, but be ready for naysayers to put down your evidence as something else. This is specially true in FVP captures using the so called “Ghost Boxes”  or other types of equipment that uses technology to produce the sounds. Many say the scanning devices pick up random words and sounds from radio stations.  Devices that use random sounds or words supposedly picked out and used by the Spirits is very often criticized. How does a spirit know how to use such technology? To both of those arguments I say, then how come so many times they are direct answers to questions, intelligent responses involving colors and counting, and other things that just confuse an solid answer as to how. It is my belief that the only way to determine that, is to can learn more about the strengths and frequencies of the responses. Maybe someday we can determine the dial setting for the radio station of the dead! More long term repeatable studies under controlled conditions and cataloging of data needed!

Remember too, that in traditional EVP capture, there are distinct types of such recordings. Each is ranked by how much you can actually understand what is being said: 

Class A: Words are easily heard and understood. Sounds are easily identifiable or can be recreated, I.E, footsteps or door closings that weren’t heard with the unaided ear. 
Class B: words are heard, but not understood, may need a bit of computer enhancement for clear identification. 
Class C: Garbled or very unclear, Identifiable as anomalous, but not enhanceable without extreme distortion or robotic sound. Many investigators are fond of disposing of Class C recordings; “if in doubt, throw it out.” 

Now AVPs are the most misunderstood for sure. It is common scientifically accepted that audible sound must be created by a mechanical event, I.E.  a human voice box. Think in terms of the waves after a splash in a still water pond. They would have required a pebble to create. One answer may be the “Stone Tape Theory” which basically says that inanimate objects, I. E. walls, concrete, limestone, crystals etc, are able to “record” sounds and energy and play them back at random.  

So there we have a general discussion of sound in the paranormal. Remember that audio, like most other forms of energy can be ranked in the electromagnetic scale. Therefore, watch a sensitive EMF meter during an EVP capture, it will register the sounds as EMF. KII meters do this well.  There is lots of room for experimentation in this area, study and think, and try your own ideas, nothing is too wild if it works!! Watch this site in the ParaXperiments page for the Highwayman’s crazy inventions and experiments!